From Russia with love.

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  1. greetings to all.we are a small pyrotechnic company from Russia.

    our specialty is fire and pyrotechnic shows. we use both our own production equipment based on the DMX Protocol and firetek.
    most shows, we sync the work of DMX and firetek over the ET input. I run the firetek from my own DMX trigger.

    I hope our communication will be interesting.
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  2. Welcome, look forward to seeing some of your work.
    Ben Lambert.
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  3. ohh. its easy)))
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    Welcome along - great videos, we love seeing how other countries do pyro :D
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    Welcome to the forum. :)
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  6. one more video.
    it is an amateur video, but it shows the atmosphere of the holiday and the conditions in which we work
    this video is my favorite. was made in 2018 with drunk bride and groom and guests)))) real russian wedding!
    work at one firetek module 48ch (it was my 1st project) and few my own dmx devices)))

    and new year project on stage
    weather was wet and foggy, so there's a lot of smoke

    ps/ in russia only our comany use wheels with leds on ray(now we use pixel leds and draw pictures when it rotates), dancing fountains and the contour candles alleys and fully working pyroclocks))). i really like I to combine stage pyrotechnics, park fireworks and high-altitude fireworks in my project.
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  7. Welcome :cool:
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    I love the setup in that second video! @pyromania_taganrog
    How are the moving fountains controlled? Arduino? DMX?
  9. dmx protocol as all my stage pyro. write scenes in sunlite suite and make show in easy show
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  10. here some info about my "dancing fountains"

    how it looks in show

    also we made spinners with pixel led strip and draw pics in air )
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    I love those. Very innovative. Are the DMX units your own design?
  12. my own design, but all dmx PCBs, servos and other electic components are from aliexpress sometimes with some modifications. body cases for dancing fountains at first version were printed on 3d printer, also as cases for electric part of spinners. at second version used acrilic cases made by laser cut, and some metal parts were made by myself.
  13. hello and welcome
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  14. our last project. sorry for sound quality. it may seem out of sync, but this is due to the location of the camera. everything was perfect at the location of the audience. this project was run on water on modular pontoons.
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    How do you handle handshaking and safety protocols using DMX? Within the global entertainments industry it's generally agreed that running pyro on DMX is a really, really bad idea as it's not intrinsically safe. I'm prepared to be proved wrong but also believe that part of the DMX protocol license specifically bans it from running pyro as it's not intrinsically safe. If a light goes yellow at the wrong time people whinge, if a pyro shot goes at the wrong time the consequences are far, far higher. Genuinely interested how you've mitigated these risks and got them safe, I'd love to be able to do pyro from my DMX desk!

    EDIT: Just found this from the ANSI specification. The revised USITT DMX-512 ANSI specification specifically states that "DMX512 is not an appropriate control protocol for hazardous applications." If you wanted it any more clearer, direct from their website: " DMX512 and DMX512/1990, with their lack of error detection, is NOT appropriate for some applications - such as pyrotechnic control and scenery automation". Using DMX potentially invalidates your insurance in case of a dangerous mis-fire, even if it wasn't the protocol's fault.

  16. i use dmx protocol only for stage pyro (fountains, flashes ect) for small private events, where no light equipment crossed with my. for pyromusical i use firetek firing system). also if i need to use my dancing fountains at large events i use wire connection and have no problems.