From Russia with love.

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  1. hi and welcome

    Russians and fireworks...

    excellent mix.

  2. our new year firework
  3. Hello and welcome :D:D

  4. my experience in finale 3d) hope i will do it in reality, but waiting....
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    you're gonna need a bigger firing system! ;)
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  6. now i have 19 firetek modules(13 pcs 48channels and 6 modules 64ch, its about 1000 channels) and order from Laurian 20 modules (64 ch) more. this project contains 4000 channels, but after optimization i will need (i hope) 2700-3000 channels and i can ask friends to help me or make script for 2 systems. i made script for firetek+cobra and we shoot togeteher with 2 firing systems. at this moment i have only request for same firework, but no prepay )))
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    Reminds me of this :cool:
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    I thought exactly the same :)
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  9. Yes! i saw it first and try to make somethig similar! it's a great video!
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    This is highly Impressive stuff...
    Welcome to the forum
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  11. some fireworks from this year

  12. and some new year projects

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  13. I think this is the key, using a separate firing system to handle the DMX for the pyro and NOT being tied in with the other DMX systems being used. We use DMX in a similar fashion just using a different system than Firetek (although I have been intrigued by Firetek for some time). Very cool stuff, I wish we could find wedding budgets here in the states big enough to do some of those things :)
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    Very impressive stuff there - great to see such innovation.

    Whats the cost of pyro like over there ? You use stuff from China is is it made domestic ? Do you have consumer pyro there or is it pro only ?
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    Yes as above, interested to know what the firework laws are for you - and whether the public can buy fireworks without any kind of licence or training like they can here?