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  1. Dayle Ward

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    Are fun snaps still popular??
    I remember in the 90s they were all the rage and in every shop but now not so much..
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  2. Pyro Pete

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    I've got quite a few boxes of these still, I bought a load off Amazon as stocking fillers when my local stockist ran out and they've proved very popular. They're also included in the Indoor Fireworks pack that @Trafalgar Fireworks brings in.
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  3. We used to import them but they take up all the warehouse space and have no value. They cost about .065p a pack landed and I've seen them on offer for as low as .075p. We tried to get 12p for them and got slaughtered by angry corner shop owners.

    They are a pain in the arse.

    Henbrandt bring in a 40ft HQ every month!
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  4. I like to think that Fun Snaps are still popular. They have their own little place in the world for the mischievous, practical joker ... as the PO's video confirms :D

    OK, I wasn't a fan of Dancing Red Devil's fireworks but their 'snaps' were fairly good. Since they looked more like 2 amp fuses rather than twisty cotton buds (minus the earwax), they could be placed on movable surfaces where they would roll off, drop and make a sharp crack...

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  5. Dayle Ward

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    Those look very much the same as thunder snaps that seemed to come over here last season, a lot louder than fun snaps, but great fun hiding behind doors and just dropping the odd one as the Mrs walks through.
    The 4 year old finds it hilarious!
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  6. The difference between the Thunder Snap and the DRD snap is the size and effect.

    Thunder Snap - Length 29mm Width 8mm - Makes a proper bang.

    DRD Snap - Length 13mm Width 4mm - Makes a sharp crack.
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  7. Out of the current crop, these are probably the best:

    There seems to be a slight loop hole with these as they are not the conventional ‘fun snap’.

    @Duskyfuse recently did a review of these!

    Of the ones I have tried the Bright Star variant is pretty decent, Cosmic ones are a tad tame.
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  8. I've got some of the snaps, but they are a bit weak, don't work half the time. :p Who sells the Thundersnaps? :p
  9. I am lead to believe that Firework King may be behind the Fast Line Thunder Snaps which is intriguing as they have their own branded snaps which look near identical although pack sizes are smaller.

    For those interested here is my video on the Thunder Snaps.

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    Yeah, who selld Thunder Snaps?

    Those DRD plastic thingies are no louder than the twisted paper ones. They just leave plastic crap everywhere. Bought a full carton of 'em.
  11. Certainly the well renowned discount retailer with branches in B’ham and Bilston does.
  12. Just ordered a box on eBay
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    I can see a "Snap for the NHS" movement starting here :D
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  14. I was doing that last Thursday, but only because I'd run out of other stuff! Got slightly odd looks for the pot bangers*!!!!!!! ah ha. They know me though ;)

    *people banging pots and pans together.:stir::whistle:
  15. Thanks for putting the work into this! So, doing the maths, that's about a gram of explosive for every 60 of them. I don't know the physics, but that's remarkable! Like you can so so much with so little.
  16. I ordered some of these- pretty much as expected, a loudish pop compared to the devil bangers. Probably because they are powder based rather than the devil bangers which are based on silver nitrate?
  17. I carton of these thunder snaps they sold like crazy
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  18. They are good fun, have that little bit of "addictive" element like pringles, easy to get through a whole box.
  19. Once you pop you can’t stop...
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  20. The first time I tried mine out was in my kitchen (a rather smallish kitchen I must add). I dropped one on the floor and, due to the fact of the confined space, the bang seemed very loud. The smell I got was exactly the same what one gets from banging toy caps (smells a bit like cheese 'n' onion crisps). So there's a fair amount of fulminate in them I imagine.