Funke Bomben Rocket

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  1. For all, you Hawk lovers, this 6 pack of 50g rockets are unbelievable.
  2. WOW, love the last 5...
    Not a fan of crackles but still 6 unbelievably powerful rockets.
    Might sneak a pack in when I collect my stuff from @The Powder Keg next week...
  3. You won't regret it.
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  4. Fantastic breaks and lovely ‘modern’ effects. Think the internal fuse time is a little bit too long on some of them though! Up it goes.. aand erm.. down.. it comes?
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    Number 5 was definitely was well on the way back down when it went off.
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  6. Look fantastic these rockets, still got my pack of them which I plan to use for New Year's. Will be interesting to see how these compare to Sky Hunters which I have a pack of too.
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  7. That's one of the finest rocket videos I've seen. Rocket No 4 was my favourite effect but the intense purple from No 1 is striking.
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    Holy cow, they look outstanding, great colours and sound very pokey, love the hangtime number 3 I think it was.
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  9. Where do you get this funke stuff (trade?)
  10. Great looking rockets! How do these compete to other hawk packs price wise?
  11. £22.99 for 6 rockets.
  12. Dayle Ward

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    Powderkeg is the importer.
  13. Any sponsors stock these kent area
  14. Only available from The Fireworks Shop and The Powder Keg.
  15. Pete recommended these this year. Didn't disappoint, some of the hang time was unbelievable.
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  16. That's great thanks if I'm ever up that way il.pop in and grab a case. Just looking for a couple packs nye il stick to the hawks sadly
  17. Wayne will do delivery, that's how i got mine plus lots of other great stuff!
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