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  1. Any one thinking about funke I think they arrived later this month tears from heaven looks good will be nice for new year
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    Most of their range looks incredible TBH - very colourful and some really unique pieces in their range. I look forward to firing some next year!
  3. Latest news regarding Funke is the container is due to leave Shanghai on the 19th November normally around a 30 day sailing but I can see this going tits and arriving christmas fu!”*:g day so I’ve told them I need an eta if not hold it over as much as I’m desperate to see it I’ll be buggered if I’m unloading it after 23/12
    Plus two of the main items are not on which I’m pissed off about, anyhow apparently the factory would rather make Weco toy items than Funke products, not surprising Weco v Funke is like Barcelona v a local village team.
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  4. Shit... no new year special....:(
  5. If it turns up on say 24/12 let’s see how many volunteers I can get from here. We have a life too you know. :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
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  6. I would help. im only busy on the 5 November:):)
  7. Do you have any footage of what your potentially expecting in
    I've been watching their YouTube channel and there is so much quality stuff on there.
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    Colours in this one are stunning:

    I like how they do their videos as well, physical firework and then show it fired from 2 different distances.
  9. Some great rockets too that have unique effects, disappointed that it doesn't look like they will be here for New Year as i wanted the one i won in the competition on here earlier in the year to fire at midnight so it looks like i will have to get something else instead, really looking forward to firing some of this brand.
  10. I’ll post the list tomorrow, I hoped for great things from Funke but it’s not promising tbh
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  11. Better late than never i suppose.
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    Follow then on you tube and they make some great stuff.
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    Always welcome to ask mate!
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    42 shot, 25mm...............Hokus without the Pokus?
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    At least you know its landed footage!
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    Section 16, Clause 3 subsection 4b of the Sponsor terms and conditions:

    Just saying :D
  17. Anything to report on Funke yet?, they have some fantastic new firework videos on You Tube so i hope we do get to see some of this brand very soon!
  18. Lands 10th January
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    London UKFR London Preview Sat 19th Jan @danielpyronutter ?
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