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  1. gareth71

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    ... is back :).

    This time he's celebrating 5 million subscribers.

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  2. hofnerite

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    Nice use of BS Pyro there. ;)
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  3. abigman

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    Awesome - gotta love the PPE !
  4. He's so not right, in so many ways. Love it. :cool:
  5. Hes a nutter, but we all love to watch him and what he does :)
  6. gareth71

    gareth71 Pro Firer/Crew

    He's back at Epic Fireworks, sorting himself out for his 7-million-subscriber celebration video. Intriguing ...

  7. deans6571

    deans6571 Supports UKFR

    .....a few boxes?! Nutter....!!
  8. I was wondering when this video was going to appear as he has had 7 million subscribers for a little while now. Let's see what mad idea he comes up with this time!
  9. Feckin' brilliant! :p
  10. paul s

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    I struggle a bit with this guy. Is it just me or does he come across as a bit of a pillock. What he does is not the issue, it how he presents himself.

    Personal taste I suppose....
  11. hofnerite

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    I agree to an extent @paul s - He's a very clever bloke, highly skilled but these firework stunts leave me cringing a bit. Doesn't do the industry any favours, especially when there's a rabid anti-firework minority watching his every move and a bunch of kids who worship him wanting to do similar and egging him on to go further each time.
  12. Da Main Mouse

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    Have to agree, and disagree. Clever in some ways but daft in others.
    Has some very good tips and tricks on fabricational stuff, then uses a lathe to get a "nice" fit with a pair of vernier calipers! That makes me cringe!
    Likewise with the firework stuff, nowt wrong with a big mushroom or 500 rockets at once, but a bike with them all strapped to it? i expect to see that somewhere abroad not from a suposd clever british man?
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  13. Ozzieuk

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    Great fabricator,engineer and builder.
    I find a lot of his videos a great watch and have borrowed a few design ideas from them.
    The pyro stuff always makes me wonder how much crap Epic would be in if this guy hurt himself or worse died.
    I will admit I find the pyro ones entertaining and I’m always glad he doesn’t get injured.
    But how does a responsible person show or let any young ones watch them. Laugh and then go don’t ever copy it.
    That said I will be intrigued to see what he’s doing with that pallet load. :)
  14. Jon

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    That made me smile, I know the feeling. 90% of YouTubers are just showing people their methods because they don't know any better.

    I see this alot in electronics youtubers who are kids showing off what they know and largely it's ok to a point but then when so many others take every word and believe it as gospel you end up with lots of false information flowing around the net. In saying that I think it can be really positive if kids see it and think ' Oh that looks fun I want to be engineer', good on them, but when you have others peddling physics they don't understand and acting like they can teach it.....that annoys me lol. Know your stuff and only 'teach' what you know.....hence the guy using calipers....i hope he never meets a micrometre! :p
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  15. gareth71

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    I guess you just have to think of the "Colin Furze" in the videos as a character, rather than the real person. While I can't imagine he's the most serious and sombre person if you were to meet him in real life, no-one can be quite so gung-ho as he comes across in the videos and survive as long as he has!

    And while the videos he posts are clearly meant as entertainment, pure and simple, there will of course be the minority of viewers who don't have sufficient brain cells to separate it from real life and who think they're serious instructional videos o_O
  16. Da Main Mouse

    Da Main Mouse Supports UKFR

    An entertaining video does not take you through the maths to build a jet engine....
    So there I think we agree that it shouldnt be peddled as gospel.
  17. elmo

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    Here it is, 7m subscribers:)
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  18. scoops

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    :p wtf, so many:eek: moments and obvious breaches in human sense of self preservation... And what kinda engineer thinks a strap around the outside of a box made up of individual boxes would keep them in place, seen that coming!
    Nice effect though:rolleyes:
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  19. Arthur

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    Who let him loose in a hangar full of... is that the wingtip of a Mk26b, a C150 and something with a Gipsy Major.