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    Black Match / Bare Match

    Black match also known as bare match, is a simple fuse that is regularly used in pyrotechnics, is very easily ignited, burn rate is entirely dependant on the quality of the black powder used. Commercially it is used almost exclusively for the manufacture of QM or in priming. However in some hobbyist circles it is commonly used as a fuse for igniting entire pyrotechnic devices. Black match is made by coating a thread or threads with a slurry consisting of Black powder, a solvent and a binder.

    Burn rate: Varies usually around 1"/s
    Classification: 1.4g

    Lidu Blackmatch Burning (Very flexible consistant burn rate)

    Standard Blackmatch (As used inside quickmatch)

  2. Thanks, this is very helpful as I'm going to experiment this year on lighting multiple fireworks off one 'fuse' and use black match to light the others (quick match was out if stock). I was going to wrap the black-match in tin foil to waterproof but I guess that it will accelerate burn and therefore turn into a pseudo quick match?
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    Confinement of any sort will accelerate the burn massively :)
  4. Wrapping in foil doesn't seem to accelerate - am I doing something wrong?

    A question – I have been trying to make the black match burn quicker (like quick match) by wrapping it in foil but it doesn’t seem to accelerate – do you use 1 strand of BM…do you wrap in foil or something else…do you wrap tightly or loosely??


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    Maybe your sing poor quality blackmatch, post a pic
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    If you sleeve your blackmatch before foil taping around it, it will work like quickmatch. I've done this before when QM has been in short supply! I used paper fuse covers, as found on many shell delay fuses, slide these over your required length of blackmatch, then cover this in foil tape. The reason you need the paper sleeving is that without it there is no air around the BM, therefore the hot gases cannot build and create the fast burn rate that QM has, wrapping foil tape directly round BM effectively chokes/suffocates it, so it can't draw enough oxygen to burn fast.

    Hope this helps! :D
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    Yeah your fuse will need 'breathing space' if you just tape it tight it won't accelerate by much.
  8. Thanks...

    Thanks guys - I don't have paper sleeves so tried the foil a little looser..it's a little bit quicker than bare and fast enough for what I want to do with it.


  9. One of our small mines did not ignite, and after being doused with water, the mine fell apart, and inside, leading to the bag of stars , their was a piece of black match, is this normal in 1.4 g fireworks?
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    I think what needs saying here is that basically black match is useless in a fusing domestic fireworks situation. It absorbs moisture far too easily, it takes ignition from stray sparks far too easily.
    Even professionals hardly ever use it, there is usually a better fuse for the job. Don't be tempted by the cheapness of black match.