Fuse Types - Chinese time fuse

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    Chinese Time Fuse


    Time Fuse is a thick type of fuse. Comprised of multiple layers of twine, paper, and asphalt make it nearly impossible to ignite from the outside or even from an end, since the asphalt often melts and seals it off before the powder can ignite. Users must cut into it at a steep angle increasin surface area to ignite the time fuse's powder core. It provides a timed delay which can be controlled by its length. Commonly used in shells it ignites the burst charge or similar at a determined apogee in a shells flight. Very consisten burn rate.

    Time fuses can be used to create accurate delays between strings of fireworks, i'll touch on this at a later date.

    Burn Rate: Exactly 3s/1"
    Classification: 1.4s

    Time Fuse Burning:

    Please note I have damaged the fuse deliberately at intervals so the burn progress can be seen.