Fuse Types - Falling Leaf Fuse

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  1. Falling Leaf Fuse


    Falling Leaf fuse is most commonly used for various coloured effects fireworks even though it can be used in place for regular visco. It is a cord with a pyrtotechnic composition core that burns green, red, purple, blue, yellow or white. There are three layers that make up the fuse. The first one layer of string is wound around the core, then a second, less tight layer of string is wound in the opposite direction to prevent unravelling. The last layer is a low-nitrate nitrocellulose lacquer to waterproof the strand and to prevent it from falling apart. The fuse burns very slowly. It is typically cut into small sections and placed inside a shell that is fired from a mortar tube or payload for a rocket. At effect time the small sections of fuse ignite and burn slowly while falling towards the ground, hence the name 'Falling Leaf'.

    Ideal for use as a slow delay fuse, the colour helps identify delays that are still burning away.

    Burn Rate: 1"/5s
    Classification: 1.4g

    Red Falling Leaf fuse:

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    Interesting that - there is a lot more 'flicker' to the fuse as it burns, but you don't get that in the sky.

    Also, what stops is whipping away like visco does (flying fish and all that) - is it just the fact it burns slower so no forward energy there?
  3. Got it in one :)