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    Quickmatch (Fuse instantaneous, non detonating)

    Quick match is a type of fast-burning fuse that can burn anywhere from 100 to 300 feet per second. It consists of two parts: a cotton string impregnated with black powder (known as "black match"), and a loose-fitting paper tube (known at "pipe"), usually about 1/4" in diameter, that surrounds the black match.

    Whereas normally the large amount of hot gases and sparks generated by the black match are given off into the air, the constrictive match pipe causes the gases to shoot down the tube in front of the actual flame front, which in turn ignites the next portion of fuse and generates more gas, and so on. This results in a very high velocity flame propagation (or, in laymen's terms, it basically explodes.

    Using quick match is a great way to light many fireworks at virtually the same instant, such as roman candles in fans. When you combine quick match with the use of a firing system you have the ability to put on a great, professional looking show.

    Burn Speed: 100 - 300 ft/s
    Classification: 1.3g

    Quickmatch Burning

    Quickmatch is violent in nature and will whip around, it's important to secure using cable ties or tape.

    It will smoulder for a short period after being fired too: