1. Hi Guys

    Im starting with a new company and they are using Galaxis gear (more specifically Galaxis 2) but I can't seem to find any manual or related information on the internet and all showtechnik sites seem to be shut down. I'm relatively newer, so any information on where to go to get started familiarizing myself with this gear and sofware until I can physically get my hands on it soon will be helpful. Just throwing it out there. Thanks for your time.

  2. Hi Rosie,

    I'm George from Aardvark FX, we are the largest world-wide distributor of Galaxis outside of Germany.

    Glad to hear you are getting your hands on some Galaxis kit, I hope you enjoy using it! :)

    I can assure you that the websites are not shut down and Galaxis is still trading as normal.

    The manuals are no longer available online I'm afraid, however, if you speak with Peter who is our representative in USA he will be able to help you.

    Have a look at our USA website here; https://aardvarkvulcanfx.us/

    If you still have any issues then head over to our UK site and drop us a message on there: www.aarvarkfx.com

    Thank you,
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    Thanks for the info George (but contact me regarding becoming a Sponsor if you wish to post any further plugs here).
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  4. Around the world why do we have to buy thru aardvark so to speak. We get invoiced from Germany and Aardvark gets a cut for doing SFA when we spend mega Euro's. Cut out the middleman and give the customers some discount?
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    Hope this helps :)

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  6. Thanks everyone. Helpful information! I actually did manage to find the User Manual and some additional info after some more searching (or at least for the PFC Advanced) Appreciate the quick response. Also, Hi Pete! I guess I should have figured you'd be a moderator or not miss a trick! ;) see ya soon.
  7. Hi all,
    Apologies didn't intend to try and plug as such, was more looking to spread the correct information and give people the channels to contact us as necessary.

    You don't have to go through Aardvark FX, each country will have it's own distributor, it wouldn't be right for me to go into detail on here about each, don't want to get into trouble! ;)

    The price is the same across the world whether you go to a distributor or direct to Galaxis, there are no discounts for anyone. Personally, I think this is a fair policy, it supports small customers and big customers the same. I hate all the hassle you have with discount policies, one customer could be on different to another then one finds out and it all gets messy. This policy is set by Galaxis themselves and is strictly enforced to all distributors.

    The manuals are due to be updated soon, so if there is anything missing please feel free to get in touch and I will do my best to help.
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    :canofworms:Sounds like retail price maintenance if the manufacturer sets pricing rules that distributors have to follow.
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    Some very orchestrated posting!
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