Cake/Barrage Gemstone Mad Box

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    Cracking barrage of colours and effects as well as tube sizes, 20mm 25mm and 30mm

    • Shots: 100
    • Tube size: 20, 25 & 30mm
    • Safety Distance: 25m
    • CE Category: F3
    • RRP: £119
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  3. You won't be disappointed Alan. All the Gemstone products are going down well, and rightly so. :cool:
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    Yeah the minute I saw it I knew I had to have it, problem is I was gona use The Black Pearl for a finale but that Mad Box put a huge spanner in the works, don't know what to choose, it's defo looking likely to be the Gemstone, this year's not even finished and I'm already planning next year's orders lol, Please Please try get Celtics Chase Me, or if there's something that come out very similar, it's like Vivid only with noise, Vivid colours tho :rolleyes: Outstanding!
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