Gender Reveal - First attempt at a small show

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  1. Leachdc

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    Had my first go at a short remote fired show with one of those cheap manual cues for a gender reveal tonight. Great learning experience and couldn’t even have thought about it had it not been for this great forum and community. Clearly loads to improve (including actually getting all the fireworks in the frame!) but some fireworks are better than no fireworks, so here’s the vid…

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  2. Pyro Pete

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    Nice work. Great audience reactions too.
  3. danielpyronutter

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    Very nice, were the candles Zeus?

    Any chance of a firing order?

  4. Really nicely done - some great effects and perfect finale revelling the gender :stashten:
  5. Beal

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    Nice one. The first one is a big learning curve and it keeps going. It’s a tricky one as the opportunity to fire doesn’t come around very often. Last year I managed to do a gender reveal, a very small test fire with a WPS and fired a decent December show.
    Having a bit of a dry run this year, could I get away with a christening display :rolleyes:
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  6. Leachdc

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    Thanks all for the comments. Exactly that Beal, Had no idea how it'd all go, so good practice for November.

    Absolutely we some Zeus candles in their Daniel! Firing order was:

    1. Carousel (video misses most of it but well worth the money
    2. Kaleidoscope
    3. Fluff with V Hong Kong candles gold
    4. Uran
    5. 2 x Rainbow Illusion Candle (these were really great, nice bright colours, good duration and tempo)
    6. Blue Star Eruption
    7. 2 x Blue parade candle
    8. 2 x Hong Kong candle blue
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  7. RCT

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    Really liked the Zeus rainbow candles :)
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  8. Pyro Pete

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    Rainbow/Illusion candles have been the low noise go-to candle on UKFR for years now, they do what they say on the tin, I think in general no bang candles are under rated because you only need a couple spread into a V to get a "Wow!" from the audience, it's not all about bangs as this display shows off so well.
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