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  1. Hello,

    I wonder if any members can help or point me in the right direction to my journey on becoming a fully licensed pyro technician. I have had a love of fireworks for many years both in watching shows and putting together small displays for friends and family. I would love to take it one step further and perhaps start my own company offering medium sized displays to the public. I come from a theatre trained back ground and am a fully qualified electrical engineer which satisfies my mon-fri but would love to work extra in this field.

    Are there recognised qualifications / licenses to have in order to purchase and show category 4 fireworks.
    I understand public liability insurances would be needed to host a public display.

    Would I need to gain an explosives license through the police to hold / transport cat 4 fireworks. ( I already hold a firearms license so am already known on the firearms database )

    I would love to gain experience with a display company if anyone can offer a crew position in the south of England ?

    Any help or advice greatly appreciated.

  2. Hi Rob.

    Where are you based?
  3. I’m in Littlehampton bn17
    It’s in between Portsmouth and Brighton.
  4. Bit too far south from us probably.
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    Hi Rob,

    Welcome to the forum

    The best route is as you have asked - find a company willing to take you on and train you as crew. Once you have some experience crewing on a number of shows you could then enroll on a BPA course (or other) and exam. This will stand you in good stead moving forward.

    To work with Cat 4 as your own entity you would need proof of insurance and licenced storage, then you need to find a supplier who would want evidence you are a 'person with specialist knowledge'. It is all a bit strange as there is no unique qualification or licence recognised by the authorities but there are a few industry recognised training programs which you could do.

    Theres plenty of information on here if you dig around - use the search tool

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    Welcome to the forum. :)
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    There's a forum member in your neck of the woods who may be able to offer some local advice.

    @Locky Smith?
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  10. I've pm'd him
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    Welcome along Rob :)
  12. Thanks for all the welcomes and pointers.

    I would love the chance to help out if any one has New Year’s Eve work.....

    Will try and email some local companies for crew opportunities.
  13. hello and welcome