Getting married in 2021

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  1. Hi all,

    Already have an idea of who I am going to approach regarding fireworks as this is my only request for the wedding so hopefully the mrs allows me to spend enough for a good sized display.

    I am asking if I wanted something with an absolutely insane ending e.g a large multiple of special 8” shells and salutes etc how much can I expect to pay? Venue has no restrictions on noise etc.

    Thanks in advance
  2. elmo

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    Big bucks
    But then you already know that
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  3. Pyro Pete

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    Hold your horses...

    If she doesn't you might want to reconsider the wedding :p Just saying.
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  4. georgehenry

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    your only going to do it once (hopefully).sent you a pm
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  5. This is very true Pete :D
  6. I think @PyroSam88 has the best agreement. Hope you well Sam
  7. If you already know who your going to ask to do the pyro then you’d be best to ask them the price of adding some larger shells for the finale, but it’s not just budget you’ve got to factor in, it’s safety distance too.
  8. That is true, out of interest what are the safety distances for larger shells?
  9. 1metre per millimetre of shell. So 200m for an 8" plus a bit ideally
  10. Congratulations! Give us a call, we have a rep for just what you are looking for :)

    We have provided wedding fireworks for quite a number of the forums members including @Ash74 @Billy Brutal @mattwallis @Shovel and @POB's Pyro he owns his own firework company!

    We always look after you ;)

    Ash’s Wedding:

    Billy’s Wedding:

    Shovel’s Wedding:
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  12. yep, what do you think Karl?
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  13. UKChrisT

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    Funnily enough, I've just asked the company I crew to put together a £7k and £10k show to see what we can do. If you doing it once, do it properly I say.
  14. It's not a legal requirement to get married just to have fireworks, they are also available without that commitment.
  15. Definitely game!
  16. bangtidy69

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    I used firework crazy mark in 2016 for my wedding in London the willows will try get video up. After few months of research mark was the best for working with me of how I would like the display and price was just great :cool:

  17. So so good love the firing sound on your videos lovely displays and sound.
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