Mine Ghost Rider

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  1. Duration: 5 Seconds
    Category: Ce Cat2
    Hazard Class:1.3g
    Shots Fired: 25
    Bore: 25MM
    RRP: £27.99
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  2. Unusual Celtic quality control issue?

  3. Maybe they just put the wrong video up. Just maybe
    Maybe it’s been wrapped wrong
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  4. hofnerite

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    Hmmm, that's not right! Quite like it though... A multicolour permit version would be nice. ;)
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  5. It looks to me like the first rows have the red ghost effect, but then any old mix of units in latter rows.
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  6. Lol they probably run out of the ghost tubes and just added what was nearest to hand :eek::whistle:
  7. Nigel has never been the biggest lover of my straight effect cakes so I thought I would mix one up for him

    Will do some research and get back to you
  8. I was at Nigel's last Saturday when this was fired; I also assisted in setting up. Everything about the cake was correct, high internal build quality, well wrapped etc. It was only when it was fired did we instantly know it was not as expected. In truth it was more impressive for the mix of effects and was very well received by all who were there.
  9. Thanks Simon
    Will look at some mish mash dump cakes for next year.
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  10. UKChrisT

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    Are you still producing Ding Dong? Not seen it posted for some time, one of my favourite cakes before going into F4. Crackling little cake.
  11. I bet that's the first use of that string words in the history of the English language.
  12. We fired one this evening .............. fired as it should
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  13. Thomas Sterling

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    My video from firework crazy review night 2019. WOW
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