Ghosts of Christmas Past......

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  1. Escht

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    Hope you all have a great Christmas...........

    fairyland fruit box472.jpg FAIRYLAND INDOOR lid DET112.jpg CALEY CRACKERS.JPG xmas pud box815.jpg
  2. Beaut Kev.

    I assume the crackers have indoor fireworks inside them? I recall 2 different types of crackers from the early 1960's: one sort like yours with the IF inside, the other which had the IF in the base of the cracker box behind cardboard windows, like an Advent calender :)
  3. Happy Christmas Escht always looking forward to your next find just so so jealous cant wait for next year
  4. Very nice Kev. I had some for Christmas crackers with indoor fireworks in one year but that must have been 1980’s.
    Merry Christmas
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  5. Escht

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    Not a new find, just something from my files.....
    Hope everyone is having a great Christmas,
  6. what were christmas pudding bombs? and at 7 1/2p ha ha!
  7. bah humbug !
  8. Escht

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    You really should believe in Father Christmas, .......... he delivered for me this Christmas Eve............ just to the wrong address and I had to drive just over 400 miles to collect............