Cake/Barrage Glittering Prize A + B

Discussion in 'Primed Pyro' started by SydB, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. RRP: £239.98
    Category: Cat 3
    Shots: 112
    Duration: supposedly 60s
    NEQ: 1.96kg
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  2. maxywell

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    Video unavailable...
  3. RCT

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    Filmed Nov 2019 from 70m
    This is Glittering Prize A .
    30mm 56 shot NEQ 980g from memory F3
    Mixed firing pattern , running time 30 sec.
    Big cakes, huge impact, stunning effects. Both cakes A & B are stunning, just WOW . I use in multiples in every show. The only problem is they never import enough of them.
    I love Primed, they are always a bit different and somehow they just get more out of the powder.If you like hard hitting big powerful effects these are for you.
    Video is a pair being fired in a V.