Going rate for garden fences?

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    What’s likely to be the going rate to have two new fence panels (and concrete posts for them) put up? Been quoted £520 and told it would be two day’s work, which sounds a lot to me. Anyone had anything similar done and how much did it cost? Good quality panels that slide into the grooved concrete posts.
  2. scoops

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    Blimey that's some quote! Simple diy job, 2 hrs to put posts in, leave to dry, slide panel in. Max 100 on materials.
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    Postcrete is your friend. As Scoops said, 2 hours tops!
  5. RCT

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    Are they being installed through a 850mm reinforced slab ? That’s the only way that’s 2 days work. Competent builder would have that done in 4 hrs.
    Check price on fence pannels. 6/6 ft x 2
    Check price on 8ft concrete posts x 3
    Check price on post mix 25kg bags x 6.
    That’s the material cost, remember a builder will get them at trade prices , not the price you get.
    The rest is just labour, dig 3 holes 600mm deep by 300mm wide approx, put posts in , spirit level , Chuck 2 bags of post mix round posts, add water. Rapid set goes off in an hour , enough to lift panels in. Insert panels . Job done.
    Someone is totally taking the piss.
    If post are through existing foundation or reinforced structural slab , different story and yes that would be 2 days work and a fair price.
    PS I work in the construction industry , both commercial and a bit of domestic.
  6. dogsbody

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    I paid £4.75 a bag for postcrete last week if tbat helps
  7. Plus gravel boards. If your using concrete posts then use concrete gravel boards.
  8. RCT

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    Just so anyone else dosn’t get ripped off,
    Hi Rupert hope your well,
    3 x concrete h posts, 2 x 6in gravel boards and 2 x 5ft6 or 6ft feathered edged panels would be about £260 we don’t use the cheeper panels.
    That’s supply and fit. “ and includes VAT.
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    Thanks guys, yes we did check online and MyBuilder suggests £100 a panel including labour so were wondering how £520 figures into this, hence this thread, in case material costs had risen or there was some other factors we'd not considered.

    DIY isn't an option otherwise I'd do it (long story).

    RCT thanks for doing that :)
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    We got a 30 foot section with 7 posts and a gate for £450 a few months ago, 2 panels would have been £200 max.
  11. Was it a pikey? :rolleyes:
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