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  1. UKChrisT

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    Just bought the GoPro 7 has anyone filmed their display using the GoPro? Be interested in seeing your results.

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  2. B19_TLG

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    Found I get better results on an iPhone. Don’t rate GoPro at all for fireworks.
  3. UKChrisT

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    I like the iPhone or in particularly the Samsung but they're not practical for filming fireworks, GoPro can be left on tripod with the added benefit of being more wide aspect than phone.

  4. I prefer mobile phones also. Oneplus 6 is amazing. Plus you can buy mobile phone tripods nowdays, have one on order.
  5. UKChrisT

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    Again, I need the wide lens which the GoPro offers over any mobile. I know distance will be a huge factor but the GoPro seemed the better option for capturing in both the ground cakes and 6" shells, I tried with my iPhone before but really struggled. I have seen the Oneplus mentioned before can you change the settings for filming such as frames per second, white balance, ISO, shutter etc?

    I'm happy to have a look at different things but the above would be essential.
  6. hofnerite

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    I use a GoPro 5 this year after losing my GoPro 3 and I was very impressed with the 5. Super wide angle which was perfect for getting ground and sky in frame and the quality was much better in low light. Probably not the best camera for fireworks but as you said it's click and walk off and they are bomb proof and fully waterproof
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  7. Same the quality is usually pretty good but any Samsung I've had has a habit of losing focus or shifting in and out of focus when recording fireworks.

  8. Apparently there is something called pro mode on oneplus where you can adjust iso etc and even shoot in raw! Plus you can select frame rate. Shooting up to 60fps in 4k.
  9. I think this has something to do with frame rate when shooting but I could be wrong. I think shooting a lower frame rate seems to lessen the chances of losing focus.
  10. UKChrisT

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    Excellent footage, did you use the built in mic or external?
  11. PyroKing

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    I bought a clip on wide angle lens for my samsung galaxy s6 and got some great results with it.

    This is what i bought
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  12. Dodgey

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    Chris - what settings do you use? Just got a Hero5 Black and will give it a go.

    Strapped it to my chest a couple of days ago :)

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  13. UKChrisT

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    Had a go last night filming a small display, made the mistake of positioning the camera a bit close. Need to tweak with the settings a bit.

  14. Bucksend

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    I would be more than happy with that footage! Colours look great. Watching on mute so can't comment on sound. Yes it could have had a little more angle/been a little further back but settings look ace to me
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  15. When I get 5 I will respond with the setting on ours that you asked for,
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  16. Hi

    New member to the forum (long time reader). Just bought a Gopro 7 and wondered what settings you use for displays and how far away you place the camera for best results.

    Setting off a few cakes next week and thought i would have a go at recording them to test out the camera. Looking at some of the footage above you get decent results.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  17. Pyro Pete

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  18. @Pyro Pete thanks for this. I will give them a try.