Got a dog? Post them here!

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  1. Da Main Mouse

    Da Main Mouse Supports UKFR

    This is our Australian Shepherd (working not show or mini)
    Absolute nutcase and gets as excited for fireworks as a walk.
    DSC_0749.JPG DSC_0349.JPG DSC_0136.JPG
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  2. Pablos pyro

    Pablos pyro 2020 Stash Photo Winner Supports UKFR

    Our 5 month old Doberman. The misses named him George but I think Satan would have been more fitting. C1AC12D6-305F-4BB7-9F5F-8B8ADA67D896.png
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  3. UKChrisT

    UKChrisT Pro Firer/Crew

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  4. smudger69

    smudger69 Pro Firer/Crew

    The latest edition to our house...kitted out in the new Gala Crew wear.
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  5. K9Girl

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  6. maxywell

    maxywell Supports UKFR

    Mine has wings and humps his mirror a lot. :oops:

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  7. RCT

    RCT Supports UKFR

    Mr Marshal, our liver spot Dalmatian

    Mr Marshal with house ducks :)
  8. K9Girl

    K9Girl Tinsel Town Sales Reduction Ambassador Supports UKFR

    Strange dog. Great hairdo though :p
  9. He looks like he's secretly judging us :eek::p Cute af tho.
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  10. nickjee

    nickjee Supports UKFR

    Belson came to, umm, help clear up this morning 20201107_111118.jpg 20201107_111211.jpg
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  11. wilkins1kc

    wilkins1kc Pro Firer/Crew

    Jackson, from a rescue home, supposedly Lab Beagle cross.
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  12. Slightly late but none the less:
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  13. TLG

    TLG Pro Firer/Crew Supports UKFR

    70152591_10156309752366856_2343246951681622016_o.jpg 70152591_10156309752366856_2343246951681622016_o.jpg
  14. 5DF33777-6BD7-46BF-B2B9-9CA1947BB062.jpeg
    Myself and Buster the bully :)
  15. Pyrodave1.4

    Pyrodave1.4 Pro Firer/Crew

    My big pup Hugo :)
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  16. Pyrodave1.4

    Pyrodave1.4 Pro Firer/Crew

    Had a couple kakariki parrots but unfortunately died :(
    F1D2B817-3063-4477-9CE0-C534D3717072.jpeg 2A643222-059A-410C-AFF5-D3D827048B9D.jpeg
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  17. nickjee

    nickjee Supports UKFR

    Our Frenchie, "helping" with the clear up on new years day... 20210101_120350.jpg
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  18. TLG

    TLG Pro Firer/Crew Supports UKFR

    This is a video I made of one of my late Whippets, loved her to bits got her ashes in my arm in a tattoo, too. Im not the best video maker but it made me feel better when I made a memorial to her.
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