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    I wanted to buy and test a system based on the main priority - simple, will run a Finale script, and simple.... oh, did I mention simple? I dont' want people calling me on Nov 5th at 7pm saying they can't insitialise/arm a module / are stuck on a screen / can't find the right batteries / it's refusing to start. etc etc :) I also want there to be little to damage!.

    I almost want good old P45 manual firing systems, but I don't. I don't want the huge cables, and all that goes with it. I want something that can run scripts but is almost as simple as a P45. So I bought a WPS Pyro system. Their starter bundle which gives 144 cues out of one box.

    I opted for the 24v version. One 144 cue module, one remote, 12 x12 slats, 12 x 20m cables, charger.

    Ivars has just released version 2 of the firmware so you can now upload scripts to the remote and fire from it with no PC needed on site. Either fully or semi auto (steps through script) (or manual). You can also run the same scripts from the module with no remote - just using any trigger (it looks like the module runs pretty much the same software as the remote).

    So I can design a show on Finale - then export as a CSV, run that CSV through a utility Ivars wrote in a few hours on request from me(thanks!) which then uploads that script to the remote (WPS Mote). Then it's totally self contained.

    You can also use PyroIgnitionControl - the open source software - to do musical shows etc - that needs a laptop. I've not bought this system for that kind of use, though it's good to know I can do it if pushed.

    I've tested it briefly and all seems grand. Once I've put a script on the remote the operation on the field goes like this (with no steps skipped at all)

    1- switch on modules. Order not important
    2- switch on remote
    3 select fire mode (one button push)
    4 select full auto script (one button push)
    5 screen confirms if all cues expected are present
    6 regardless - press the fire button. (one button push!)

    Simplicity :) All for under a grand delivered.

    I know, I know you can get far more complicated systems for not much more money, but not this simple, and has a budget busting 144 cues. I can put the module in the middle, then run cables forward to the three fronts, then back to the racks, and use longer cables (30m) if I want to push my racks back again (or bring the fronts forward). As I've already got Pyrosure cables are not an issue. And as the slats are only 12 it means they end up where they need to be, not where the "have" to be.

    If there are no surpises I'll buy more of these, as will a friend in the business to replace his P45s.

    There are smaller modules too but this will do for me for now.


  2. Thanks for your feedback! Much appreciated.
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    Good post @Dodgey - thanks for the feedback on this system.
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    Looking good mate
  5. Dodgey

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    Fired a show with the WPS system last night. 100% success. Dead easy to use. No complications. Pressed one button and the show fired.

    Finale Pro script exported to WPS and fired on full auto.
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  7. Yes we have firetek, but it's a bit of a leap from pyro mate p45's for some of our crew
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    As stated in the other thread, the manufacturer is offering to help you as is @pyrobrit - I'm sure you'll be OK if you accept their offer :)
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    I am Laurian from fireTEK. As I told you before I really want to help you. Just give me a call, send me a message or contact me on facebook. Also Nick (@pyrobrit) from UK can help you.
    The system it is very simple even does not have the same workflow like Pyromate45. To create scripts for fireTEK you can also use Pyroignition software like WPS. For automatic shows: make the script using Pyroignition software, our software or excel, save it into modules using our software, Run the script.
  10. Dodgey

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    And that's the whole point of the WPS purchase for me.... I already have elegant digital wireless systems but I want something more rugged, cheap, and a "one button press display" for crew who might not be so technical.

    For under £1k I can send out a 144 cue system, pre programmed. They turn a key and press a button. All in one box and one remote (you don't actually need the remote).

    It's the simplicity, cost and ruggedness.

    I see WPS as a P45 replacement (with far more ability).
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  11. Dodgey

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    A little update. One of my crews went out and did their 1st show without me last night (I was on another). Used WPS Pro system and everything went without a phone call to me :) Exactly what I bought it for. I load the script onto it, they press a few buttons. The simplicity is it's strength.
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    Can i ask if there is an option to Skip or Advance cues when running full auto? ie if a cake fails or runs up short so you can skip to the next cue to avoid black sky. its a feature i currently have and use.


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