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    Due to the recent passing of 1 of my 2 elderly next door neighbours who both loved to watch and listen to the fireworks (with no issues with their Labrador), and subsequent rehoming of the elderly lady next door due to dementia, it has crossed my mind that I am due to get new neighbours. I just hope that whoever moves in will show the same level of tollerance and respect that the rest of us do to local celebrations, parties, and freedom of others interests and hobbies, as long as it's within the law and not too late.

    They will be living amongst local yapping jack Russels, about a million cats (including my own), many motorcycle lovers in the area, impromptu 'build-an-engine rocket rack or fix-it' garage parties with neighbours (due to the invention of beer fridges and man's overwhelming desire to fix or make something), and barbecues regularly hosted by myself and the neighbour across the road. Of course they will be welcomed with open arms and also invited to our small private display for bonfire night and NYE with the rest of the neighbours friends and family.:grouphug:

    We all currently see eye to eye, help each other out with house issues, car/bike problems, the odd rare case of local crime and have a good laugh as it stands, so I'm keen to maintain that relationship with all my neighbours and don't want anyone to spoil that for us all. After all, I have had a few neighbours mention that they look forward to my fireworks :angel:.

    Are you just north of Leicester want a 3 bed semi-detached house in that area? It comes with the option of a 2 position firing site with an extra firer. Also ideal for a local pyro-competition akin to the old school "I see your rocket, and raise you this":popcorn2:;);).

    Anyone got any ideas on how to make it clear that we love pyro in this house/street, even when I'm out, so anyone viewing next door will get a bloody good hint?

    Also has anyone else got good, neutral or particarly opinionated neighbours? Share your stories.
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    Any large(ish) UKFR banners I could borrow, with the work 'firework' on them? I could move the shed closer to them so it's in sight and put it up on the side, as there's only a low wall between us :D.
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    Stick a large spent rocket in the roof, like the Headington Shark. That should do the trick :)

    Perhaps scorch a few parts of their lawn too.
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    That means letting off my 4 sky thrillers :rolleyes:.

    I can bloody waffle on at times :p.
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    I'd invite them round for house-warming drinks and celebrate their arrival with a small display. You could present to them a bouquet of flowers with some small garden rockets mixed in with the flowers too. Show them your collection of vintage shop goods. Or, you could just get a massive tattoo of a skyrocket on your forehead with the words "I love fireworks". Whatever you do, they'll get the message.
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    Just give them polite notice prior to any pyro that way you get off on the right foot.

    My previous neighbor's were ok with me doing a fair few on Bfn and a single decent sib on Nye.

    I have actually just moved house so I have wondered how my new neighbor's will take it, 1 issue I see is that my new next door neighbor has a dog so I will see what occurs in the run up to bfn as if others are doing it nearby I feel more comfortable.

    I will definitely inform my 2 next door neighbors though.
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    I have always let off pyro on random nights but I take the effort to drive out to remote places so I don't annoy anyone. Just letting random cakes and stuff off in housing areas is just asking for it. Always gonna be someone moaning about it. These days I travel around on a canal boat and we get to some very remote areas. Perfect for those zen moments when you just have to smell the smoke.
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    I will be inviting them round, as with other neighbours. Just want to make it clear that the most of the street dont take kindly to moaners, before anyone even buys the house ;).

    @Tinderbox it's never random. 1x <15min display and 1x <10min display a year with a week's notice and an invite to neighbours. We have large gardens, especially as I am on a corner plot, and fields to one side, a noisy factory 100m to the other and a 50m-60m (approx) square car park at the back, for a small office and plant hire that's always empty after 18:00.

    I also have an understanding with the security guy(s) at the plant hire place, they get a free fireworks display and then chuck the sticks back over the fence on their walk around. Had every single 1 land in the car park for the last 2 years ;). And some remarkably close to the launch tubes the year before! Even closer to my shoulder. (No injury caused, they aren't like the javelins people think when they're big enough to blow the head and motor to pieces). :cool:
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    Maybe have a chat with them next time you see them and pre warn them
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    Spray paint "FAB sucks" on the for sale sign...?
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    Sounds a bit agressive tbf.

    If your new neighbours don't like you making regular noise then I reckon you should adjust to it. Just because you've got away with something for so long doesn't make it your "right".
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    Not just me, It's everyone round here. And with consumer pyro likely to be banned or seriously restricted soon, I'm looking to follow my passion and move onto bigger and louder things anyway. It'll just be the rest of the neighbourhood, the other 363 days a year. Unless we get someone who likes the odd BBQ, Impromptu gathering and a couple of days fireworks a year.
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    Make a massive welcoming lancework with fountain and wheel garnish.
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  14. I would be hyper- careful about the first conversations
    “ I like to regularly let one off “
    “ i’m Partial to a few good large ones”
    “Does the misses like a Dum bum”
    “Do you find moisture affects your performance”
    “ I like to bury mine very deep”
    Or even “ we are thinking of having a golden shower tonight, your most welcome to join us”
    Might have an adverse effect, although if they are seen in the garden centre buying a large pampas grass, your lives may or may not be suitably enriched depending on your interpretation of the above. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::weknow::huvideo:
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