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  1. Hi all. I'm trying to get to grips with understanding how candles work for a show I'm plannin. When I looked at this Brocade with Multi Colour Tips Parade Candle by Zeus, I noticed that the lead green visco sat tight against a load of other green visco. In other candles the green has tended to sit and intertwine with black match.

    Would there be enough power in that green visco to set off the other green viscos, as none of them are cut displaying powder to ignite? or, would it go past them, light the first tube and those other green visco fuses will be picked up later in the show.

    It's just that I thought for green visco to catch (reliably), the powder needed to be exposed?

    I apologise, in my mind I explained that a lot better! but hope the photos will give a visual indication of what I mean.

    I really appreciate any views people have.

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  2. elmo

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    That’s how they are designed, you light one piece, it propagates to the others :)
  3. Thanks Elmo, what I wasn't sure of is whether that lead green visco worked it's way round the inside of the tubes and then eventually came back up to all that section. Or whether that lead fuse triggered them off at that point there, then they all wen't off on their little journeys.
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    I've seen more than a few of these and they ignite OK - don't panic at the green spaghetti :)
  5. It would light as in direction of fire so yes would light all of the viscous the failsafe of this product is the visco being above the tubes firing direction so exposed to more fire. Bottom line yes all is well with this ;)
  6. wonderful. When I was taping it back down, I almost accidentally taped it away from the "green spaghetti", but then put it back in it's original place.
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    Obviously after all this, if it doesn't fire, @elmo is the man to blame :D
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  8. haha I'm always happy to blame someone for something not firing! I'm lighting them through e match, and was hoping to speed up the ignition, so was going to tape some fast fuse alongside and up to the spaghetti junction. Would you bother, or just stick with a 6-8 second wait time?
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    It's really down to your show and what sort of timing you want. For me in a back garden setting a 6-8 second delay doesn't make any difference. And if you're overlapping these with other fireworks you don't need to worry about precision timing. But get @hofnerite on the case with his amazing musical shows and he might disagree ;)
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  10. the overall show is to music, but the section this is for isn't particularly time critical as there will be a bit of overlap with other fireworks, and if it's a few second late it then it's fine. However, saying that, it's always nice to get things to go on time ha.
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    Each to their own @Pyro Pete! ;)
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    Just factor in the delay time and possible over-run/under-run (candles do vary a lot) and you'll be fine. It's only annoying when a firework does something unexpected but if you know the likely timings you won't be unpleasantly surprised. As you say overlapping this with something else will blend nicely anyway.
    The Parade range are all great candles though. I look forward to seeing what you do with them!
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  13. thanks @hofnerite In theory I have two going off together, but I know you're very much in the hands of god with candle timings. You and me both, I've mocked up the show through vids of everything I'm using, just got to hope all goes to plan on the night. But if it's a success I will try and share, only three weeks to go.
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    Good luck. I think we are all desperate to see some out of season display footage so :huvideo:;)
  15. @hofnerite do you know where the best place to post it on the forum will be?
  16. hofnerite

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