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    In this post which is aimed at consumers and the public (ie. non-retailers) I'll run through the process of adding video clips either as new reviews or to existing threads, along with adding comments to existing threads, the house rules and some other information which will apply to you.

    First, have a check in the relevant section to see if that particular firework is already listed. If it isn't, you should use the "Post New Thread" to start a brand new thread. Otherwise, you should add your video or comment to the existing thread for that firework by going into that thread and adding a reply.

    New threads:

    You should only start new threads if you have a video clip ready to embed into your post. This should be a video clip on YouTube or Vimeo and can be from any source, for example it could be a clip from a retailer (and they don't have to be a UKFR sponsor) or your own footage filmed at your display. We have this rule to ensure any new firework added has some video to back it up; otherwise the review section could fill up with unsubstantiated comments or low quality content.

    You will also need to know the firework's proper and full name and what brand it is from. If you do not know this information we cannot accept your post because the information will be incomplete.

    The product does not need to be imported or sold by a UKFR sponsor; we are keen to encourage the uploading of a diverse range of fireworks from ANY UK firework brand or retailer. If you have a choice of identical clips from different retailers, please give UKFR sponsors preference.

    The thread prefix (the drop down menu just in front of the thread title) should be chosen to reflect the firework type, such as a cake or rocket.

    The thread title should be the exact name of the firework. It is not necessary to include either the firework type or the brand in this title. This is because the firework type is already shown by the thread prefix and the brand is already made clear by the section you are posting in.

    You should always try and post up the price of the firework, as this helps people so much when it comes to judging value or whether it is suitable for their displays. The price posted should be the price the firework usually sells for before discounts or special offers and this is usually the RRP. So, if a firework has an RRP of £99, it should be listed at £99 even if retailer A sells it for £89 or retailer B sells it for £75. UKFR should never be used to highlight special deals or offers or draw attention to specific retailers; legitimate sponsors have the Buy Fireworks section and their adverts to do this.

    The exception to the RRP is when an importer or brand has an offer "built in" to the firework from the offset. In this case, post up the price a consumer would normally pay. As an example, if a firework is £50 Buy One Get One Free as its normal price point, it should be listed as £50 BOGOF. If a firework is £99 but sold as "half price" at £50 and this is the price set for both the importer and retailers, it should be listed as £50, as no consumer in this case would ever pay £99 and to list it at that price would be misleading. Note: These rules were changed, specifically the removal of the insistence to list at RRP in the face of common sense when some brands use RRP only as a marketing gimmick, in January 2016 in order to remove UKFR from inter-retailer bun fights over pricing policies and the setting of "pretend" RRPs. Basically, we have no interest in all that, we just want this section to be useful to the consumer. We'll leave the trade to bicker amongst themselves over how to price their fireworks.

    Assuming you have no connection to either the product, company or retailer concerned (see "conflicts of interest" below if you do) you are welcome to post your subjective comments and opinion about the product. On the one hand, you may be reviewing the firework and want to say quite a lot about it. On the other you may simply be adding a new video to the section for other members to see. There is no requirement to review items, simply adding new video for other members to enjoy is fine.

    We suggest where possible you try and include the following information, especially for a new thread:

    • A description of the firework's performance, such as the number of shots, colours or type of effects.
    • An indication of the RRP or usual selling price if known.
    • Any important information relating to the video you are adding. For example if the video is known to be a China factory demo, or an old clip, or anything else you feel is important for other members to know.
    Suggested format for new threads

    The following thread can be used as a guide to the information that would be useful to add at the start of a new thread:

    Screen shot 2012-07-04 at 15.08.22.png

    As you can see this new thread contains basic information about the firework, feel free to cut and paste this and use it in your posts. If you're unsure about any of this info, don't worry, just add what you definitely know. Remember also you don't need to add this info if you are commenting on an existing firework, since this info should already be present in the original post:

    RRP: £
    Category: [EU Cat 2, EU Cat 3, Cat 2 , Cat 3 - useful to explicitly state distance if known eg. 5m, 8m]
    Shape: [Straight, fanned etc.]
    Class: [1.3G or 1.4G]


    Video comments (example: "Filmed at our demo night". "China factory demo clip". "Supplied by the importer" etc).

    Need help adding video?

    Please see the video tutorial showing how to easily add YouTube and Vimeo clips to a post:

    Adding to existing threads:

    If a thread already exists for a firework you can either add a comment or you can add a new video clip you have found (or filmed yourself) or both. But because an existing thread already has at least one video clip, you don't need to upload a new one so if you don't have one, you can simply comment on the firework.

    We welcome general discussion about individual fireworks in their threads along with reviews from those of you who have fired the item.

    If adding a new video clip please take a moment to ensure it is different than any previous clips in the thread. We do not accept duplicate video clips even if they are listed by different retailers or watermarked (labelled with a logo or text) differently. So the clip should be genuinely different.

    Examples of where the posting of additional clips is welcomed:

    • Where the original clip was a China factory demo clip and you are posting up actual footage of the item fired and filmed in the UK.
    • Where you are adding new footage of items you have fired and filmed at your own displays or from those you have attended.
    • Where another retailer has fired and filmed the item and has a different clip available.
    Posting video and other content - General house rules

    Please keep any reviews constructive and of good quality.

    Please keep any comments directly relevant to the firework in question. You should not post retailer testimonials. We reserve the right to edit or remove plugs or endorsements and will definitely remove any plugs or links to non-sponsors. You should also refrain from using the review section to criticise retailers or their service, our intention is to review the fireworks themselves, not the service offered by firework companies.

    When quoting a price please quote the RRP where known or the standard selling price set by the importer even if you bought the item for less. This is intended to keep the section fair for everyone who might stock that product. The review section is intended to showcase specific products, rather than retailers or their deals.

    Note that embedding a video clip from a non-sponsor is fine regardless of whether that clip links through to their YouTube channel. It is also fine to embed a video from a non-sponsor which carries a watermark (a company logo or URL) in the video - but we may reject non-sponsor video clips that are deemed to contain "excessive advertising or plugs" - this is to prevent the commercial exploitation of UKFR and its members by non-sponsors. However we do not expect members of the public to judge video clips on these grounds and would suggest that you simply post up the video clips you want and leave it to the Editor to reject a clip in the unlikely event it is "more advert than firework".

    We do not accept video clips uploaded as attachments to your post, so please don't do this. Nor do we allow the posting of links to the video either on a retailer's site or YouTube etc. You must embed the actual clip which must be viewable within the forum post. Videos which state "embedding not allowed" will be rejected.

    Conflicts of interest:

    We understand that in a community such as ours, many of you have connections with firework companies or retailers. Examples would include staff members, sales reps, firers, blog writers, video producers, photographers and other paid or unpaid work.

    Having a connection to a product or retailer you are posting about should in no way stop you from posting or commenting, but we do expect you to behave in an ethical and honest manner.

    For those with a connection to a product or retailer, or any other conflict of interest, you need to ask yourself this important question: "Am I posting just factual information - or just a video - or am I posting a subjective opinion or an endorsement?".

    For those just posting video clips - which includes posts accompanied only by factual information such as RRP and a description of effects - it is not a requirement that you disclose any conflicts of interest. This is because you are not endorsing or reviewing the products. This is an important exception and is intended to allow any retailer to nominate UKFR members to do the "leg work" and post up new threads with their video clips in.

    For those of you with connections to retailers who want to post subjective comments which includes reviewing, endorsing or criticising a product, you must make your connection clear. Importantly, this applies if you are posting about competitor products too.

    In this case you can make your connection clear either:

    • By mentioning it in your post.
    • By mentioning it in your profile, for example under "Information".
    Remember, UKFR members greatly respect those who are above board about any connection they have with a company when it comes to the posting up of any subjective comments especially product endorsements.

    If you are a retailer you should never, ever, register a fake account (a "sock puppet" account) for the purposes of placing fake reviews for your own products. Please remember that it is now illegal in the UK to pretend to be a customer and to post up fake reviews, so don't even think of doing this. The damage this can cause to your reputation if discovered is unimaginable not to mention a flagrant abuse of the review section.

    These guidelines were last updated on 22 Jan 2016.
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