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    The complete box is priced 2/6d
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    Thanks for putting these pictures up, i hadn't heard of guys before now, how long did they trade for?
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    Have seen the odd box turn up on Ebay before but never seen any of their fireworks, can't be too many out there waiting to be discovered..........
  4. I believe they were relatively short lived from late 1940s into the 50s, someone on here will know more. Based in the woods at Calverly, Leeds, I think they suffered an explosion with loss of life.
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    I had to fire up an old computer today to find something else and i found a file in it in which i had been keeping ebay listings from 10-15 years ago, forgive the crummy quality picture as it would have been lifted from ebay but it shows a Guy price list for 1954. But more interestingly it shows their address of Hillside street, Edinburgh ca34_1.jpg 7
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    I've heard of Guys Fireworks back in the mists of time.
    I think it was that Calverley Woods had a POW camp established ther during WW2...And after the war in the early 1950's Guys Fireworks were created...utilising part of the camps buildings.
    Unfortunately in the mid 50's a bad explosion occurred....making rockets I think it was which 2 or 3 people were killed.
    The company was closed down after that for serious breaches of the then safety rules.
    Interestingly some of the labels remind me of some Brocks wraps seen later....and the orange box of bangers has what is virtually the identical design on its outer sections to the Wessex fireworks design of that period.....with comets ,stars and pin wheel that to the outer wraps of Chris's previous post showing the Wessex Sonic Fireballs....interesting....
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