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  1. Hello, did anyone see last nights episode, if not download it, last 10 minutes is Guy at a firework festival in Japan, clearly no one in Japan understands the word risk,danger, suicide, its beyond bonkers, makes the Spanish look angelic.

    enjoy I did
  2. gunpowderplot

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    watched it last night very enjoyable I could understand the Japanese more than guy :)
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  3. Daveandkate

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    watched it last night bloody fantastic
  4. Watched it today, couldn’t see if there where any breaks, or if they are just massive mines?
  5. Da Main Mouse

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    Funny that, i struggle with other english accents,yet guy lives 15mins away from me :) like having a mate on tv
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    Can we have a link for those who do not have a TV?
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  7. starseeker

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    They are giant b.p fountains with a p.b plug in the bottom to give it the bounce at the end .