Handful of items saved from destruction.

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  1. Evening chaps, we recently destroyed some material and salvaged these items from the load.

    Are they of interest to anybody?

    67A523AB-4071-4DD9-BC48-9292B8C731B7.jpeg 07CF07C2-C179-4A9A-A181-11EF6D8DB153.jpeg 28FE2B72-336E-431A-B999-895305AF4F43.jpeg 8FF1D958-9978-4191-B676-571898EBAEE1.jpeg 5F009405-635D-47AC-893C-5FAC689B7046.jpeg 39E3F74C-66B4-4A3E-B2B5-5A0E68FD6595.jpeg 100136A0-4A7D-4B2B-AE34-F680747BB8F8.jpeg E0E3CEEF-2EB4-487E-8D73-33C9A7053FFA.jpeg 4B2FE008-88E7-4B47-B8B2-6249C59E7AB1.jpeg 2BB85F5F-4FEF-4E57-B196-AC24D2481875.jpeg
  2. Pyro Ed

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    Luna ones are potentially.
  3. I still have most of those in my collection.
  4. Tinderbox

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    Sky Dancers were the first falling leaves effect I ever saw. I bet most these items will find homes.
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  5. I’d ideally like somebody to take the whole lot in exchange for some shekels:)
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  6. BarnOwl

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    Original Banshee whistling air bomb rocket - you see plenty of the newer style, but not these older mid 90's style... would have been great if the whole pack existed....
    yes Sky Dancer's were really nice..
  7. Tinderbox

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    That's a Malaysian Banshee. Originals were blue touchpaper with cardboard motors made in the UK.
  8. £60 the lot but need to collect from Oxford :)
  9. Waw lunar rockets and flashing thunder candles, I miss them, they were a must get each year when I was a kidd
  10. And those screaming banshee rocket's
  11. Tinderbox

    Tinderbox Pro Firer/Crew Supports UKFR

    seven quid for 4 quiet leaves rockets!! Only just noticed.