Happy Birthday - marklaruk

Discussion in 'Non-Pyro chat' started by Flash, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. Flash

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    Have a good one.

    Flash :ph34r:
  2. sultanbrown

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    'appy birfday mate. :)
  3. RocketRev

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    You're getting old - we can still remember when you were too young to buy fireworks. Ah the innocent days of youth. Still, at least you can now celebrate with "real" candles and cakes. :D

    Happy birthday! :)
  4. crazedmonkey

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    Happy birthday :cheers:
  5. Many Happy Returns Mark :cheers:
  6. meggsy

    meggsy Pro Firer/Crew

    Happy Birthday!!!!! :cheers:
  7. AHH i knew you all wouldn't forget about me :)

    I remember the days of having to take my mum down to buy the fireworks for me too :p Glad them days are over!

    So far i got:

    A new printer
    Deodrant :rolleyes:
    mobile phone holder for car
    rear car mats
    lots of chocs :p
    a brush to make cleaning my alloy wheels easier
    a lint brush as my cars upholstery is full of bits!

    And later today i'm getting lots of money :clap:

    They did well :D

    Thanks everyone
  8. ambientskies

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    HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :xmas:

  9. thx ambient!

    here's a nice card i received today, makes me hungry... :shakehead:


  10. The Big Firework Shop

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    Nice :shite:

    Happy birthday buddy :D
  11. PowderFinger

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    Have a good one, or two or three.... :cheers:
  12. Rust

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    Many happy returns! :clap:
  13. lol thanks :)
  14. Skydazzle Pyrotechnics

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    Happy Birthday Mark..... :cheers:
  15. Happy birthday Mark......class card btw :D
  16. Happy Birthday :D
  17. Happy Birthday Marky baby B)
  18. :drool: thx everyone :D:D

    Just got £200 :D :D :D :clap: :clap: :clap:

    Now as much as i wud liek to spend it on fireworks its all going towards my car :p
  19. semptexjim

    semptexjim Pro Firer/Crew

    sounds like you've had a good day :D
  20. Many Happy returns of the day :)

    I'd spend it on me - not the car :D