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  1. Hi there all my name is callum
    i have always liked fireworks since my childhood and loved guy fawkes night, some of my favourite fireworks were from when i was around 13 years old were the original royal party diamonds and sapphires and the royal party brand as a whole.
    I won't be having any fireworks this year and will be keeping them in a safe, dry storage area in cabinets until next year. I have been looking at joining for a couple of years now and decided it should be done near bonfire night and I am based in East sussex around brighton.
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    You have great taste in pyro from a young age.
    There are so many quality brands and fireworks available now. We are really spoilt for choice!
    Just seems to get better every year :).
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  3. Greetings :)
  4. yes i know
    In my stash the brands i have celtic, vivid, imperial lotus, total fx and klasek plus a few more.
    I don't have a photo of it and can't get one as they are at my parents house ready for bonfire night and they live about two and a half hours away and i wouldn't be able to get there before thursday plus they are packed away.
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    Welcome to the forum.
  6. hello and welcome
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    yes also welcome, although clearly already a seasoned campaigner..
    Those sapphires and Diamonds were awesome cakes from RP..
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    Ah, a fellow Royal Party enthusiast, welcome.
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  9. Yes, I am sad that I don't have any of their products left.
    Also I've been on this forum for about 3 and a half months lol ;)
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    Lol, yep I'm sometimes slow to react.
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