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  1. Hi everyone, I'm Nick and come from Somerset.
    November was always my favourite time of year, due to, in equal measures, fireworks and our local Guy Fawkes carnivals.
    When I was growing up in the late 80's and 90's, pretty much every year we'd have a Brock's selection box (the blue international one) a pack of airbombs and a pack of screaming rockets.
    For the two weeks after we bought them until bonfire night I'd sit for hours in the spare room with them going over possible firing order.
    On the night, dad would set them off and that was that, greatest night of the year!
    Now, I'm the dad and I still have the bug.
    Having stumbled across this forum I see I have a lot to learn. I still buy from supermarkets and had never heard of a sponsor before. Perhaps this could be the beginning of a new age of fireworks at my house .
    Cheers all and happy November 5th!!
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  2. I grew up in the early 70's. My Dad gave me a petrol lighter one Bonfire Night (around 1969), he placed a Standard 'Traffic Light' in the ground and told me to light it. I was scared as a 4 year old, but I did it (I remember him telling me that we would stand here all night if we had to, until I set that firework off). The type of bangers in my profile picture were the ones that got me hooked. Got the bug from that day on. Still buy fireworks every year. I'm now 52. I loved the old Blue Touchpaper fireworks, but hey, the bug will be with me forever...
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  8. Welcome from a fellow Somersetian :)
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