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  1. Hello,
    my name is Darren and I live in Wigan but work in Rossendale, so all over the North West really.
    Been interested in fireworks for a long time really and used to fire off the mortars when they were legal to buy and use, along with all sorts of other bits of fun stuff.

    Looking to perhaps make better choices with some of the consumer stuff I buy as much of it is less than satisfactory and I am really impressed with the knowledge and attitude of everyone on here.
    I have one or two small projects that I am planning and am already taking advantage of some of the video's etc and reviews that I have read, so thank you all for that.

    My business is engineering supplies, bearings, power transmissions, machining and fabrications, hydraulic hoses etc. etc. the list is long,
    Just wanted to say hi
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    welcome along :D
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    Waves hand in welcoming gesture
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    Welcome to the pleasure dome:D
  6. Welcome Darren :)

    Should pop along for a brew and a chat sometime. Your not far ;)
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    Hi Darren, are you a transvestite? Only I noticed you have a Wigan address! :p
    Sorry, welcome to the forum.
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    Welcome along Darren :)
  9. Welcome Darren :)
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    Welcome to the forum. :)
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    Welcome Darren
  12. Hi Darren, I might be in touch. I've got a pyro idea that requires some bearing pulleys ect.
    Welcome btw
  13. Hello and welcome Darren :)
  14. hello and welcome
  15. Hi and welcome to the forum.