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  1. Hello there, as some of you might have seen already I have posted up some offers in the "Buy Fireworks" section, but should have really come here to say hello first I think, so sorry about that! :oops:

    Im here now though, so here goes...my name is Matt and I just thought I would come and introduce Fireworks Direct here as ive recently taken over the reigns of the UKFR account we have here. I see my predecessor didn't introduce the site when he first set it up on here, so I thought I would now :)
    Fireworks Direct have been around since the end of 2013 and we are purely an online fireworks retailer with no shop. At the moment we have a small range of brands including Bright Star, Absolute, Total FX and Brothers but are looking at expanding the range this year with some new & exciting products, so keep your eyes and ears open and watch this space! :D

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