Hello from Shropshire

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  1. Hi all and thank you for allowing me into your forum.

    I have just inherited the below in 10 mint boxes (1 banger missing as I had to try them ☺)

    Any info on these would be greatly appreciated as I wasnt fortunate to be able to have them when I was younger.

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  2. Welcome :)
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  3. scoops

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    :welcome: where in Shropshire? Nice banger's:)
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  4. geoff

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    Welcome to the forum. :) Remember Wilders Bangers great times.
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  5. beeney

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    welcome along :)
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  6. Hello and welcome :)
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  7. Hi Scoops, just North of Shrewsbury.
  8. Someone has offered me £20 a box for them. Is that a decent/realistic amount?
  9. Da Main Mouse

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  10. Thank you Da Main Mouse.
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  11. scoops

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    I'm from Oswestry originally..
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  12. hello and welcome
  13. welcome to the forum :)
  14. Welcome Neale :D