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  1. Only a few like right lol
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    Welcome @Somersetpyro!
    I've seen your vids too - just be warned, after a few months on here you won't be buying supermarket fireworks any more! ;)
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  3. Don't worry mate they're a supplement to much bigger and better things ;) last year was a bit of an exception, had a much smaller budget, so didn't make a proper order, then went madly over budget thanks to a few very competitive local shops. It was business as usual for New Years though, and this year will be no different, in my head i've already spent a grand at 3 different retailers, although unfortunately a figure like that won't quite become a reality lol
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  4. Hello there somerset pyro ..how the jupiter elite box ? . I could only get the mars elite but i thought it was pretty good .Sadly missing the blue moon and those large mines
  5. Why not pm us and get some proper training and do some bigger stuff . We have shows all year round?
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    So confused right now lol @Somersetpyro were you not a member on this form for ages? I am sure I have seen you about. :D
  7. You're thinking of Seasonal Traditions mate, only joined up here in the summer :)
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    Ahh i see i see :) that and YouTube you're everywhere haha.
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