Hello from the USA!!!

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  1. Our forums here are no good, or fireworks here are no good, I’m also Slovak so I do know what real fireworks are like! Hehe I hope to soak up knowledge like a sponge here as I enjoy learning. :)

    Thank you all!
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  3. Welcome to the forum. Which state do you currently live in?
  4. Welcome, will you be at the PGI this year?
  5. Florida! :)
  6. I’d love to be but I think this year is out. my mom is having some health issues... :/ it’s been really hard on the whole family.
  7. I am so jealous, I've wanted to move to Florida for the past 15 years but alas it does not seem possible.
  8. Ahhh it isn’t too great and fireworks laws suck.... you can possess them but not light them. Haha pointless. On holidays and stuff it’s accepted. I’d like to move to Poland Czech Republic France Germany etc to get my fireworks fix regularly. LOL!!!!
  9. Hello!! sorry to hijack your welcome, but someone driving in the states has just sent me thius ! In west philledephia born and raised.... :D :D :D fireworks.jpg
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  10. I lived in south Florida for 4 years at the end of the 80's. It's a beautiful place to live and apparently it's a good deal safer now than when I lived there, having one of the lower gun crime rates in the US.
    When I was there, the legal fireworks were of the "no bangers" label, total shite, apart from some of the novelty pieces. But no worries back then, because many enterprising folk would go to another state and pick up the good stuff for July 4th or New Year's, then sell it out of trucks on Dixie highway, the old north/south road.
    The Mexicans undoubtedly provided the best and loudest pyro, bless them! I played a July 4th celebration in a Mexican neighbourhood once, in Pompano beach. It was the first time I'd seen shells, some of them big enough to put fist size holes in the road!

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    Welcome to the forum. :)
  12. Yeah our law are weird... we can have anything that goes in the air or firecracker etc... but you are not allowed to light them off... they even have chain stores that sell “illegal” fireworks but you must fill out paperwork.