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  1. Hey everyone.
    Sorry I did not say Hi and introduce myself when I joined your forums a short bit ago.
    But, here I am.
    So, I'm in Iowa and have been involved with fireworks for about 9 years.
    Well, other than playing around when I was young, anyway.
    I'm just hanging around seeing what little tidbit I can pick up here and there.
    I'm not real active on any sort of social media type thing or forum simply because I'm just not disciplined enough to make the time to do it.
    But, from time to time I hop on and lurk around.
    Looks like a great forum you have here.
    Anything else I need to divulge.....??
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  2. beeney

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    welcome along :D
  3. Pyro Pete

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    Welcome :)
  4. scoops

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    lurkers and all are :welcome:.:)
  5. geoff

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    Welcome to the forum. :)