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  1. Hi, We run a public cat 3 display by our Scout Group for the general public. For many years, we have used Fireworks International, but their brochure this year doesn't have a great choice. Any recommendations for suppliers that we could use in the Surrey area would be much appreciated. Thanks
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    Have a chat with the sponsors on here, most deliver as well
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    If you've only ever used Fireworks International then you're in for a treat if you sample some Celtic, Zeus, Klasek, Jorge gear from any of the sponsors on here!
    There are some incredible items on the market nowadays.
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    welcome along :D
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    Hello Graham and welcome from a fellow Scouter and the one who posted on the 1st Facebook Scout Group about this wonderful place.
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  8. hello and welcome
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    I hate to ask this so earlier but is it worth getting a pro company in? There are a few in Surrey. Reason for asking is that you need to have event insurance as this is for the public and then pay for the fireworks all at retail price which would lower any funds raised, there is also the argument that you may get some better quality fireworks from a pro (like your 50mm candles).

    I don't know your budget but if it is around £600+ then a pro could be a way to go.
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    I’d be amazed if any pros will do a show at guy fawkes for £600:rolleyes:
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    Welcome to the forum. :)
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    As a fellow scouter and also a Pro feel free to msg me to chat, I run one of if not the largest scout show in the UK (www.epsomfireworks.com) and I'm sure I can point you in the best direction, pro or Cat 3.