Hello there!

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  1. Hi there!

    So... how to introduce myself? My background is in software and hardware engineering so a lot of my time is spent building or breaking electronics. Ever since I first saw the BMFC's down in Southport as a kid, I've been entranced by pyro, but up until this point never quite had the time to follow my obsession further. This year, I decided to finally bite the bullet and look at getting into professional fireworks and building my understanding of how planning and firing works in the field, maybe even working towards BPA accreditation!

    My experience so far has been purely limited to CAT 2 & 3, with a fair amount of experience doing fusing and basic electronic firing. I've done a lot of research in the past on the technical side of firing systems so my knowledge is pretty decent in that area. I've also hand-fired a couple of shows, but otherwise I'm still pretty green!

    Other than that, I'm here to learn, get as much information as I can. The dream would be to hopefully find somewhere in the North West (I'm based around Manchester at the moment) willing to take me under their wing. I'm a fast study and somewhat of a perfectionist so anything you throw at me I'm usually quick up the uptake with!

    Anyways, think i'll cap this off here. Hope y'all are having as much of a long sunny weekend as I am!

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    Pretty good intro mate!
    Waves hands in welcoming gesture!
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    Welcome along :)
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    :welcome: plenty of pyro freaks in the North West, your in good company
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  5. Welcome :)
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    Welcome :)
    Many pro companies on a recruitment drive at the minute so finding the right one to suit shouldn’t be too difficult
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    Welcome to the forum. :)
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  8. Hello and welcome
  9. welcome onboard :)
  10. Hello and Welcome!