Hello! (Where to buy in Central Scotland?)

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  1. Hey all, just signed up and learning lots lol.

    Looking for some advice on where to buy some fireworks for a display with friends. Budget is about £300, ideally from central Scotland. (Although I'm open to delivery too... Not really sure on what restrictions there are for delivery though? )

    Thanks and all the best guys!
  2. scoops

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    :welcome: and thanks for saying hi!!
    I'm sure someone will be along shortly with who to contact but your budget should cover delivery and you won't be disappointed by what you get...:sponsorsuse:
  3. Pyro Pete

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    Welcome. Can you narrow down central Scotland? Nearest major town or city?

    Retailers who offer delivery often have a list of postcodes where extra surcharges apply, so have a look at some of their delivery info pages. Quite a lot of Scotland is fine, it's towards the highlands it starts getting expensive.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys, Pyro Pete I'm just east of Glasgow (G66 area) so don't think I'll be hit with extra delivery charges.

    Are there fireworks I can get retail (pickup) that cant be delivered?

    Thanks again!

  5. m00ny

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    Think it depends where you buy from, many now include delivery of 1.3g items others maybe not. You'll get a decent bunch of pyro with that budget from a sponsor and probably free delivery.
  6. paul s

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    Absolute have a good outlet in Hillington. West rather than east, but Glasgow nevertheless.
  7. Thanks!

    Yeah I've actually been there before and was pretty happy with it, just looking to broaden my horizons lol.

    So, is it OK to just contact a sponsor on here?
  8. scoops

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    Just start a private conversation with one or two
  9. geoff

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    Welcome to the forum. :)