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  1. Hi fellow pyros

    This is probably a record... I registered on here back in 2003 and this is my first post :(

    I’m based in N Wales, and have been completely obsessed with firework since I was kid back in the early 80s. Standard ruled round here, with some Brocks and Astra; many memories of those fantastic large Standard rockets, selection boxes, Aersonic Six etc. Happy days blowing an entire years pocket money in one go!

    Been collecting vintage pyro for about 16 years. And more recently been doing some crewing for the awesome Bright Sparks Fireworks.

    A belated hello!
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    Welcome to the forum. :)
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    :D welcome along :D
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    Haha - well you finally made it, welcome along :)
  6. Welcome!!! This site was active in 2003? That's 15 years!!!
  7. hello and welcome
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    Hi and welcome
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    Waves hand in welcoming gesture