Help identifying pyro/military item?

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    Something metallic caught my eye walking the dog in the woods today, on closer inspection this 9" metal tube appears to have some kind of choke or nozzle inside, as if it's a pyrotechnic or flare or something. Anyone have any ideas? The only thing written on it is "311" on the black inner part that has four holes.

    I'd like to think it's something exciting that's fallen off an Apache but I'm sure someone will tell me it's not ;)



  2. Do you know approximate dimensions?
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    Them darn bears leaving all the rubbish from the teddy bears picnic!!
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  5. Richard Harwood

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    Definately the aluminium body and rocket motor of a parachute rocket distress flare. The three outer venturi at the bottom of the motor cause it to spin whilst in upward flight, and then the pyrotechnic flare with parachute is ejected at apogee by a small blackpowder charge.
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    Does look like a parachute flare body. Possibly a parachute smoke flare as it has the cut outs.
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    Thanks everyone :)
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    You wouldn't want that coming down on your head!
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    Yes that’s exactly what it is, you can fire these via a firing system if you remove the top, gently ease that flare body out, insert an e match into the exhaust then put it back in the tube ( or 2” mortar )
    Apparently ......:rolleyes:
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  12. Definitely a parachute rocket flare rocket unit, working my way through getting rid of thousands of them at the moment!
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    Take the motors off and you've got some very bright bengals ;)
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    Also very smokey, been there, tried that ;)
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    Parachute flare rocket casing. Fired loads and found a few on beaches. The skirt stabelises the motor. As the exhaust exits the choke it creates low pressure in the surrounding atmosphere which is then forced through the three venturi in the skirt (gaps/holes). This creates equal resistance on the entire lower circumference and is a very effective method of keeping it moving in a strait line. Far less susceptible to weather vaning like a rocket stick.

    you can see three outer exhausts around the main centre one. These force gases to exit tangentially to produce spin, adding more stability through angular momentum, torque and gyroscopic innertia.

    Actually fired two Schermuly white illumination para flares on NYE but the actual parachutes never took fire. Just the motors went. Still exciting to shoot from hand though. Expired in 2004. Always renew your flares sailors!
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    Also, when they are out of date, they have huge amounts of kick !!:rolleyes:
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    I never noticed an increase in power. Just shows you though, The illumination flares themselves never took but they did deploy the chutes as we could see one drifting off. Wouldn't want to rely on outdated flares out at sea and I know some folks just keep old ones on board. Well worth the expense in renewing.
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  18. I can vouch for that, nearly took my thumb off with one on millennium night, nail just about recovering now (20 years ?)after damaging the nail bed. Also had some ex soviet navy smoke pots which had to put in water - tested one a two gallon zinc bucket, it boiled the bucket dry! plenty of smoke though. sent the rest back to supplier.
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