Help needed. I have bought a 100 packs of sparklers to sell at a firework show do i meed a license?

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  1. I have rang up loads of firework shops and they said no as sparkelrs are not adult fireworks and i have read up on a few things and it sais you an only sell them to over 18 etc.
    My question is simply do i need a license to sell sparklers to the public? Thank you
  2. A good number of charities and organisations sell sparklers at firework displays. I think you will be fine :)
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  3. I just dont want to get into trouble, like ive said ive read up on loads of things and it sais as long as you sell them to over 18s and make sure you put a poster up saying that aswell it should be fine, and rhe package for the sparkles has to say that they cant bused by 5 or under, But i want 100% to be sure i an sell them. Im taking buckets and filling then with water so people an put the sparklers in there once used.
  4. As far as I was aware you would need a street traders license
  5. Im selling them from an ice cream van so we traders license but all i need to know is if i need an license to sell sparklers.
    Like i said i dont want to get into trouble, if charities etc are selling them then i presume i will be ok i just need someone to confirm this as im not 100% sure, the firework companies i rang up said i dont need a lisence but one shop said i do.

    I know you need a license for firework from what ive read but doesnt make it clear if you need it for sparklers.
  6. If you have a traders license I think you will be fine. I am sure there will be someone on here to give you a definite answer
  7. Yeah im hoping someone will give me a 100% answer as like i said i dont want to get into trouble, from what ive read and been told its ok to sell them i just want to be 100% sure.
  8. Call your Trading Standards?
  9. Ive tried they are closed, the firework show is tonight. Surely someone on here must know?
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    'Give' them away free with a slightly dearer than normal 99 ;)
  11. lots of charities and schools etc sell them at their shows. I'm sure you will be fine, but you need to make sure you event insurance covers them.
  12. No you dont
  13. No you don't what? Need insurance?
  14. The main question here should have been whether they are permitted to be used at said event?

    No point selling something that can't be used there and then..
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    Sorry but I think the most important thing is answering the question asked and the law. Sparklers are fireworks and as a result they surely require a licence to be sold outside of the four "free" periods of the calendar.

    While I doubt it's appropriate to require someone selling them at an even to do so I do believe that is the rule to the letter of the law.

    I personally think you will be ok doing so, assuming the venue allows them yes but at least your aware of the official stance?

    If I'm wrong please explain but I'm convinced this is correct?
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    Sorry for not getting back on this but I have been away for several weeks. I won't bother you with details but San Diego Comic Con is AWESOME and Las Vegas is very nice ;)

    I know the event is over but an answer may help others.
    Sparklers and legislation is a muddle at the moment, the reason being that there are two standards that they can be tested to (BS7114 and EN15947) and that awful phrase "adult fireworks" . The standards problem is that you can have two identical sparklers tested using the above standards and one would be Cat 1 and the Cat 2; the Cat 1 item could be sold to a 16 year old but the Cat 2 item restricted to 18 and above. Moves are underway to get rid of the phrase completely and differentiate purely by Category.

    Sales of Category 2 and 3 items to the public would require a sales licence if selling outside the four selling periods and storage licence would be needed if holding more than 5kg NEC. Storage and sale of fireworks must be from a fixed premise, so selling from an ice-cream van, which is no different from selling from a white van at a car boot sale would be illegal.

    The authorities are aware of anomalies that have gone unchecked over the years and with our help (BFA, FELG, BIS etc) they are seeing the light. There are a vast number of shops selling sparklers, cake fountains and poppers all year round without having an all year licence. The proposed way to solve this is to say that Cat 1 items can be sold all year without a licence and storage licence is only required where the 5kg threshold is exceeded. This is the simplest solution and levels the playing field for all parties. I couldn't see the likes of TESCO applying for nearly 7000 sales licences at £500 a pop !!! Likewise, how can a product that is available to a 16 year old be classed as an adult item?

    Don't you just love legislation :)
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