Cake/Barrage Hercules LTD Edition

Discussion in 'Brothers Pyrotechnics' started by POB's Pyro, May 26, 2017.

  1. POB's Pyro

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    RRP: £129.99
    Category: 3 - 25m
    Class: 1.3G

    2017 demo night footage:

    Stock footage:

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  2. MarkRichards

    MarkRichards Pro Firer/Crew

    ahhh Hurcules, always been a fave of mine!
  3. It's pant's! If it comes in like the demo we saw I'll be returning all ours.
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  4. maxywell

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    It does look a little weaker than the old one especially through the middle section, not sure that the fanned salutes work that well either.
  5. K9Girl

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    The standard Herc is a great piece, just leave it alone I say o_O
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  6. ianw

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    Agree, have a couple left in my stash :)
  7. Is the difference 1.3g versus 1.4g? The new Hercules is 1.4g I think but this is listed as 1.3g?
  8. POB's Pyro

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    Existing Hercules is 1.4G, this LTD Edition is 1.3G and as such it was supposed to be louder, but it wasn't.
  9. paul s

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    That's interesting Pete; I think it shows how far 1.4 has progressed since 2007.

    Last year I fired 1.4 Daytona followed immediately by 1.3 Rio Grande, and bore size notwithstanding there wasn't a huge difference in 'loudness'. (Clearly 1.3 allows for smaller bore, but quality 1.4 can be just as pokey).
  10. POB's Pyro

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    I think the 1.3G version being quieter was a manufacturing mistake in China. It is supposed to be louder than the existing 1.4G version and is being reworked for delivery of the actual product. So it will be a bit of a punt.

    I won't be taking any though as price aside there is no caged version of Hercules LTD so more hassle to store.
  11. paul s

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    So it's in the hands of the Chinese.....
  12. POB's Pyro

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    Yup, sure everything will be fine!

    Funny thing is products are sometimes puffed up for a demo night, not the other way around ;)
  13. Chesterfield Fireworks

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    Hmmm, an interesting thread.... must say I expected rave reviews for this, shame that Brothers seem to have missed the mark :(