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    RRP: £99.99 (2013)
    Category: 3 - 25m
    Shots: 107
    Duration: 60 seconds
    Shape: Mixed
    Class: Pyro meshed 1.4G

    Description: Straight firing red / purple tails to bursts, V-firing green tails and glittering bursts, W-firing comets to red, white and green bursts, Z-firing blue tail to blue brocade and a finale of screeching tails to gold crackling.

    Stock video:

    My video:

    My favourite barrage of 2012. No great variety of effects in this one, just an awe-inspiring display of different firing patterns and perfect pacing. Single straight shots are followed by a sequence of shots to the left and right (V shape). In turn this is followed by 8 banks of 6 shots fired simultaneously left, right and center (W shape). The frenzied pace of this gives the impression of a true professional display in your own back garden, albeit for just 15 seconds.

    Following this are shots that chase each other from right to left and back again (Z firing) twice over, which is really quite entertaining to watch. This single ignition barrage is nicely rounded off with three screeching shots which burst to golden crackling. It's also worth noting that the angled shots in this cake aren't that low down, which should make this safe even in narrower gardens.

    The 26mm bore shots aren't the most powerful of shots available to the public, nor is it one of the longest of cakes, but Hercules shows you don't need to be either of these, for the pacing and firing patterns will leave the crowd buzzing. Buy this over a selection box for a sure fire way to stand out.
  2. Great video and review mate, thanks for sharing :)
    This really does look like the ultimate finale firework, and very sky filling.
    Had to purchase this piece after reading all the positive reviews, was a definite buy at the amazing value of just £49.50, thanks to @PureParty :)
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    Ta for the feedback :) Yup a perfect finale firework and a steal for £49.50!
  4. probs the best single ignition in the uk :)
  5. Just bought one of these, an RP Spread and a pack of War Hawks towards the GFN stash. It's starting to look big.
  6. This firework looks the part, it is pure class with it's lovely colours and firing sequence, I wouldn't say it was the best firework in the uk but it is still a fantastic piece of kit and one I was impressed with.
  7. RCT

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    Filmed Nov 2018,
    Filmed from 80m
    Used as part of the final.Still love Hercules !
    Video is 3 being fired.
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