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  1. Jelly bean effect fountain.

    Weight: 0.380 kg
    Classification: 1.4G
    NEC: 0.120 kg
    Product Reference: J-JF32
    Category: F2
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  2. paul s

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    Great effect these fountains, but duration and height is an issue IMO. Interspersing the tubes with regular silver flitter could go a long way to enhancing them.
  3. hofnerite

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    Nooooooo, that would run it. Just needs quicker fuse.
    I had 8 Zeus Fireflies last GFN which are identical to this and I didn't have a problem with gaps between the tubes. They were much more fluid.
  4. paul s

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    At the time of writing I knew you'd say that! :D

    As it is the design is well suited to how you use them. I'm looking at it from purely a retailer's perspective and the feedback I get.