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  1. Before I start posting thought it prudent to ask the question....if you have a few older items that are not now available for whatever reason am I okay to keep them or should they really be disposed off?

    Found a bit of a stash I completely forgot about!
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    Certainly keep them, There are quite a few members here who collect vintage/older fireworks! Welcome to the forum.
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    I've still got plenty of BS marked items as have many of us on here. Fine to keep/fire them, just not to sell them commercially.
    How old are we talking??
  4. nothing vintage but late 90's plus some more recent that went out when the weight limits came in. Large Blockbuster candles/very large cone, think it was banned in 2016-17? Various other bits and bobs I will photograph over the weekend. To save me trawling through, to add photos am I able to directly upload or do I need to go through something like photobucket? ta
  5. Another box and we have a very large zinc Rocket & several Red Report rockets. Have these been limited with weight these days?
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  7. not looking to sell to be honest just like collecting. If I purchased from a member on here and if its illegal to post how would the transaction work as don't fancy meeting in a dark lane sort of scenario.....;)
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    Head to the nostalgia forum on here. A regular haunt of mine. Some very enthusiastic collectors here and you will be blown away by how old some of the stuff they find is.
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  10. Couple of quick photos. Will sort the rest when time permits! 20190913_073620_resized.jpg 20190913_073642_resized.jpg
  11. Welcome.
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    Welcome to the forum. :)
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    Many Welcomes :cool:
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    Welcome along :)