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  1. Hi everyone

    My names liam, loved fireworks aslong as i can remember lol, this year after meeting wayne(Amazing Guy) at the fireworks shop in Preston and selecting a nice range of fireworks, i have learned the basics from wayne himself and in doing so it has further intrigued me and i now want to learn more and more..... 2020 is the year my inner pyro has been ignited

    I have opted for Funke and Celtic fireworks this year and cannot wait to fire them, anyone with tips, tricks, ideas or any recommendations for anything at all im all ears, Im willing to learn everything

    Dont be shy drop a reply

    Liam x
  2. Welcome to the forum Liam, great to meet you, lots of tips and information on this forum.:)
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  3. Thank you Wayne?? After joining the facebook groups you suggested. Im hooked even more, got recommend to come to this forum. Let the fun begin
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    As you say Wayne has a very broad knowledge spectrum always willing to help
  5. Welcome to the forum, it's all downhill from here. :D
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  6. Thank you, its all new to me and its exciting
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    Say bye to any plans you may have with money
    Sponsors lure you in and before you know it your car is full and you have put the misses on a train back to free up space
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    Welcome to the forum. :)
  10. Welcome mate, Im also new and hooked,been going to bed dreaming about setting off rockets all night abit weird but heyho
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  11. Welcome.
  12. Its bonkers isnt it. Ive been spending all my spare time looking at and watching fireworks.. i need to stop it haha
  13. yeah prob wouldent of happend if we were allowed outside :p:p
  14. If you figure out how to can you tell us please :yetanother:
  15. Ill let you know for sure... if you find out before me you let me know aswell please haha
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    Welcome along :)
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