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  1. Hi, I just need to know how to lock a firework stick open, Google is coming up with some very bizarre stuff. Most useful result was this forum.

    Basically, I bought some rockets and the wooden stick has a little plastic thing in the middle which allows you to fold it for packaging and storage. Problem is, the rocket won't stand up with that there, it must lock open somehow...just can't figure it out! I've pulled, pushed and twisted...no result...do I remove it?

    I'd upload a picture..but the fireworks are in storage atm, and Google insists I'm trying to buy a walking stick or learn how to do origami
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    Is there a part of the plastic that slides over the hinge when straightened, to lock it in place?

    If not, what is the rocket called and who is it made by?
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  3. Turns out I do have an image

    Its called Trident by Ghengis Fireworks

    I don't want to get it out, try your advice and it does lock, then not be able to lock it again! I'm probably posting this thread too early tbh since its only July and I won't be setting them off till November, its just been playing on my mind since I got them
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    Your image didn’t embed properly but it looks like you slide the plastic sheath down over the hinge.

    Your image...

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  6. Hi,
    Welcome to the forum. I hope this video helps, if you need any more information please get in touch with us at Ghengis Fireworks.

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  7. Welcome to the forum :)
  8. Thanks! I've downloaded the video for future reference, didn't think you'd actually be a member here haha!
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  10. We are glad to be here as one of the many sponsors. Hope you enjoy your time here.
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    welcome along :D
  12. I live in a built up housing estate, oh I can't wait to set these babies off, I have 6 of them too :D

    My channel - Megapepsimax not advertising, but I will record setting these off on the 5th November if anyone wants to see
  13. Just remember what goes up must come down. (Wooden Shaft)
  14. not my concern :) that stick that went through your windscreen could have came from anywhere!
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    I hope you’re joking, as that’s not really in the spirit of our community here.
  16. I was joking, yes. I've never actually seen, or heard of a firework shaft causing damage on its downfall. Here, many people launch rockets, I've seen them scattered on the street, but never any smashed windows, dented cars or news adverts claiming someone was injured as a result of a falling firework.
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    Just make sure your not the first then..:)
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    Just a point to notice although I know you can’t do anything about it, last month I had the windscreen changed on the wife’s car, whilst making small talk with the fitter he asked what I did? Work for a firework company was my reply
    He then laughed and said last November he changed a screen on a car in Norwich as a large rocket stick had gone right through and carried on through the dashboard above the steering wheel, it was still there when he came to change it!!!!!
    So it does happen :)
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    Welcome to the forum. :)
  20. hello and welcome