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  1. Just finished a simple DIY wired trigger for my Rhinofire Step 13. I couldn't have done it without @Pyromagic who gave me the idea (and shopping list), then talked me through it when I kept wiring it incorrectly :oops::D

    As you can see it has an illuminated on/off power button and a trigger button which lights a small LED when pressed. Total cost was just under £15. Although I did have to replace a button that I melted with the soldering iron :eek::D

    2018-09-25 08.47.11-1.jpg
    2018-09-25 08.46.01-2.jpg
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  2. as you are only using it as a trigger this probably doesn't matter so much, but using an illuminated switch when powered on
    will reduce the current supplied by a small amount and reduce battery life if left on by accident.
    (I presume an led is in the power switch, if so this drain will be minimal)

    nice job ! where did you get the box ?
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  3. I've only tested over a short distance of a few cm so far. I did have an issue with the led draining the current when it was wired in sequence which meant the step 13 didn't receive enough to trigger it, but once I changed that it triggered fine. Hopefully it will do over longer distances!

    This is the case I bought. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/263819622820
  4. Been thinking of making something similar for my WPS system but struggled to find a suitable case so thanks for that link!

    What are the power outlet terminals actually called? Trying to find those is also somewhat of a pain and your ones look ideal.

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  6. Tested successfully :) I reeled out 30m+ of wire and set the Step 13 to 1s equal cues, with 3 ematches attached to the first 3 cues. I've added a green LED to the Step 13 so that I can get a visual cue of it having been triggered.

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  7. Pyro Pete

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    Nice one :)

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    I like that green LED....nice to have the visual confirmation
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    Every time I see people’s builds it always gives me a boost to keep building things.
    From one button single cue firing systems to ones with lots of buttons and leds and cue indicators.
    The only thing I struggle with is time.
    Not lack of ideas.
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  10. Really nice. Got a link for all the items you bought. Might throw one together for some testing
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    Is the Green LED on the Step 13 just wired across the trigger terminals?
  13. Jon

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    wire it parallel across the output, if you were wire it in series you would restrict the trigger current to a few tens of miliamps.
  14. How simple would it be to safely put a fat capacitor in this to make it a blaster type initiator?
  15. Yes it is.
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  16. Absolutely. Especially when you consider the official trigger is over £80! That one has a continuity tester but still... :eek:
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  17. That’s not had too add. I would have thought about doing dual 9v in series so 18v. I’ve ordered the bits.
  18. Keep us posted, I'd be interested to see how that's done. That said, with my green led on the step 13 I can get a continuity check by pressing my remote trigger.
  19. You mean the countinity tester?